Do it with Style: User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs


We’ve been talking about analytics and data a lot lately. Let’s give it a rest. As much as we love to see our customer’s web optimization in the facts and figures, our first true love is design. Don’t dismiss design as just bells and whistles, though. A smooth, navigable, and engaging site is the foundation of good User Experience (UX). How do all of the parts of your site come together to form one comprehensive entity? That’s all about design, and quality design translates into better numbers for your site. So, what is User Experience Design (UXD)?


Information Architecture (IA)

IA is the practice of organizing, labeling, and categorizing the content on your website so that users can find it easily and without frustration. Navigating your site must be easy. The goal of your site must be identifiable. Your user wants to know what they’re in for upfront.


User Interaction Design

Ok, so your site is organized, but is is your text legible and consistent? Are links identifiable and will a user know where they’re going if they click them? Is your site branded for a unified look? Can users easily contact you with feedback and questions? These are the types of questions that must be asked early and often to ensure good UX.

UX Design


Do users know where to go and in what order when they reach your site? Is the flow logical and clear? Is the content accessible in the way that it reads? Do headlines indicate new topics and guide the readers’ eye? Pro tip: Do a test run on your own site and pretend you are just coming to it for the first time. Better yet, have a friend or family member go through the site and give you an outsider’s perspective on how it flows.


Visual Design

Last but certainly not least, visual design is, not surprisingly, the visual component of your site. It’s the top layer, the icing on the cake, and what your users will see. How does the website look? How is the information displayed?


DesignInk can handle all of this and more. We know how to make your site look pretty, but we also know all of the nuts and bolts behind the visuals that will keep your site web presence optimized. Check out our design portfolio to see examples of our work or give us a shout to learn more.

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