Shopify and MailChimp Abandoned Cart Emails

How Do The Two Work Together?

If you have a Shopify e-commerce site and want to send e-mails through MailChimp to people who have abandoned carts, there are two options available: a built-in single email responder through Shopify or an integrated Shopify App by MailChimp which offers a few more options.

MailChimp APP Details and Options (click to see larger image)

Mail-Chimp APP-details Shopify and MailChimp Abandoned Cart

MailChimp APP Abandoned Cart Options:

You can select a single email or a SERIES of emails within MailChimp to be sent to those who have abandoned their cart otherwise known as potential customers. (NOTE: Remember that the customer has to get past the point where they add their email into the purchase flow, otherwise we have no email address to send anything to, right?) MailChimp Options:

1. A SINGLE email when someone abandons their cart

2. A Series of automated emails – you can select the frequency (there are built in recommendations too)


Shopify-MailChimp-Single-Series Shopify and MailChimp Abandoned Cart

Both options allow an automatic feed of the product(s) that were abandoned. This is a nice feature that feeds the products and images into the email. If your customer purchases a product during the time that the automator series are set to go out, it will pull their name out of the queue.

To find this detail option in Mail Chimp – Connected Sites – click on the Abandoned Cart Email EDIT to select SINGLE or SERIES. As shown in image above.


DesignInk Mail Chimp Shopify and MailChimp Abandoned Cart


When you have the MailChimp APP activated, the setting in Shopify for the Shopify Abandoned Cart email must be set to NEVER. (Settings > Order processing)  If this setting remains active, you will continually be wondering if things are linking between MailChimp and Shopify!

When you have clients in the ‘queue’ they will show inside the MailChimp Automator list within your account. If you want to see who is waiting for the next email, you can click on the number within the queue to check.




To check the MailChimp queue list against your Shopify emails … go to Shopify – Abandoned cart list and compare with the potential customers in that queue.

Check to see if the emails in the queue align with your abandoned cart emails in Shopify and MailChimp Abandoned Cart


Research shows that a robust email CRM attracts high quality traffic and builds loyal customers. Coordinating your Shopify and MailChimp Abandoned Cart information can help build sales. Need help deciding which apps are the right apps for you to use on your site? Or just need someone to handle your CRM on your behalf? The DesignInk team is here to help your business – from website build and design to digital marketing strategies – we seat so you don’t have to. Contact DesignInk for a consultation now and get your e-commerce business us and running.

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