Thinking about launching your new website and wondering how to get found by your future clients? What is required to optimize site SEO? Search engines are the key to being visible and there are specific guidelines you need to follow if you want your page to rank when people search for your product, service or business. Those guidelines are called on page ranking factors and this article published by Moz outlines many of the “On Page Ranking Factors” considered by search engines when delivering traffic to your site.

SEO begins with High Quality Content

Your post or article must contain high quality content. This does not mean you need to write a thesis, but the content needs to relate to your keyword. Writing a solid article about your identified keyword is critical for high quality content. See below for a quick checklist to optimize your high quality content.

Assert Your Authority

Your authority begins with your website and the links that you use to deliver targeted, relevant, keyword based information. These links can be from your site to another page on your site, or they can connect your viewer with additional resources that are also keyword relevant optimized text. This is called link juice and the higher the link juice, the higher your page will rank. In her article titled, “Link Juice Explained: It’s About Quality, Not Quantity,” Laura Atwell from Adpearance does a great job of describing how to increase your link juice.

dandelion-infographic-Optiimize SEO content on your website

Short and Sweet…Kind of…

Increasing your link juice does not mean increasing your words! A high quality article does need to contain words, however, it does not need to be a tome. The sweet spot is between 300 – 500 words. Longer articles will not capture the attention of your audience (increasing your bounce rate) and shorter posts will not capture the attention of search engines. Marieke van de Rakt, researcher at Yoast encourages her readers to write longer posts only if high quality writing can be maintained throughout the entire article, in this post “How Long Should a Blog Post Be?”

What Keyword is the Best to Use?

This is the most asked question we hear at DesignInk and the answer is anything but simple. Why? Because keywords are funny animals. Online search evolves everyday and the rules of engagement shift rapidly. When approached by anyone who wants to be visible online we start with 3 basic core principles:


The opportunities to be found online are infinite and so is the competition. To develop a comprehensive, efficient and targeted  digital campaign – you need to be really focused. Our team works with you to hone in on your market and objectives; develops a strategy that will funnel your potential market to our web-based storefront ultimately converting traffic so you are found and funded.  

Researching, identifying and selecting the appropriate keywords, while critical, is a small part of a comprehensive digital strategy. Don’t let your keywords blow about the internet like dandelion poofies on a breezy spring day. Our team is prepared and ready to work with you to get focused, funneled and funded. Our team becomes your team. For a consultation contact DesignInk and let’s get your business visible online today!

Kathy Stutzman Micky's MagicianKathy Stutzman is a project manager at DesignInk in Boulder, Colorado and is committed to helping all clients to become focused, funneled and funded. An author, film producer and facilitator she is passionate about building capacity in all and empowering every person with whom she works to be their own unique rock star.

DesignInk is a boutique web design and digital marketing agency located in Boulder Colorado. From design through content and function to building an online presence and developing traffic conversion strategies, the DesignInk team works with each unique client to optimize goals objectives and online businesses. Our team is ready to work with you and help you achieve your online goals.  Sample of website portfolio

Quick Checklist to Optimize Site SEO Content:

> Identify the topic

> Select the keyword related to the topic

> Write a high quality, unique post about the topic

> Include at least one optimized image

> Ensure that the keyword is included in:

  • Title tag
  • URL
  • Image alt text
  • At least one header
  • Sprinkled throughout the article (no more than 3% keyword density)

> Link to its category page on your site

> Link to another authority providing site

> Link to your homepage

> Set up your analytics to follow the traffic and make informed decisions about future content

Download PDF Checklist

If you would like to know more about how to optimize site SEO and increase your visibility – The DesignInk Team is here for you.

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