Kyle Niemiec

Kyle Niemiec

First concert

Newsboys (yep…) 

Best dream

Swimming in a river through a golf course in my home town.

First job

Snowboard instructor.

Favorite hike

A small lake by Turquoise Lake in Leadville. Can’t name it, but I could go straight to it.

Comfort food

Buffalo mac n cheese,

Favorite movie

Fight Club was good.

Do you journal?

Nope. You can read my biography someday.

Best thing you learned in 2019

Either discovering the mathematical tendency of rotation correlates to the cross product distributive properties (ie dF(y)/dz & dF(z)/dy replace what would be straight (non rotational) motion as dF(x)/dx). Or maybe finding out that protons can eat electrons and become neutrons, or even spit out a positive electron called a ‘positron’. Wtf, science. Or maybe speed picking on my guitar. I can’t decide.

Decompression strategies

Playing my guitar or watching a show. Or just hanging out and talking about science with someone special.

Compression strategies

Really loud metal. I dropped a sub in my car to feel that beat.

Motivates you

The things I want out of the future.

Favorite beverage

Water is the best. I drink a good bit of orange juice and Red Bull as well (not together, mind you), so…

Who you would like to meet? (dead or alive)

Nikola Tesla. Or Archimedes – To stand with that great man as he drew math doodles in the sand, scribbling faster and faster in hopes that the incoming tide would not erase what he just discovered for all of the known world.

How many things are left on your bucket list?

I’m not sure. I think going to space would be really cool. What if leaving the blue ball was an option? I want to start by building a computer that runs on light.

Favorite bug

Nope! … Nope!

Mac vs PC

As a computer enthusiast, I must insist on Linux. As a gamer, I still have Windows.