Kyle Niemiec

Kyle Niemiec

First concert


Best dream

Swimming in a river through a golf course in my home town.

First job

Snowboard instructor

Favorite hike

A small lake by Turquoise Lake in Leadville. Can’t name it, but I could go straight to it.

Comfort food


Favorite movie

Fight Club was good

Do you journal?


Best thing you learned in 2016

Life is worth fighting for

Decompression strategies

Playing video games or guitar.

Compression strategies

Metal and a bowl.

Motivates you

The future.

Favorite beverage

Seltzer water and juice.

Who you would like to meet? (dead or alive)

Winston Churchill

How many things are left on your bucket list?

Travel the world, compete in the X-Games, usher in a new era of world peace

Favorite bug

Gross. Adobe bugs. Don’t know what they’re really called, but we call them that in New Mexico.

Mac vs PC

Linux, duh. Windows has games though.