Ingrid DiPaula

Ingrid DiPaulaCEO/Founder


First concert

Beach Boys, my brother took me.

Best dream

Silence, face cold from soft, fluffy snow and then I realize I am heading down a steep slope skiing thigh-deep light powder. Perfect conditions, leaving only a trail of “S” turns. Ahhhh …

First job

Lifeguard and swim instructor.

Favorite hike

Royal Arch, Boulder, CO

Comfort food

Stuffed salmon

Favorite movie

Pulp Fiction – not only favorite but the BEST movie. Not one you can watch over and over however.

Do you journal?

No, I prefer sleep.

Decompression strategies

Getting on my bike and going for a ride — with or without good friends, it’s always good.

Compression strategies

Saying ‘yes’ to … almost everything.

Motivates you

Figuring schtuff out. Seeing a problem as a challenge and then coming up with solutions. Seriously, it’s true.

Favorite beverage

What time of day? Could be water – could be Chardonnay, nice and buttery.

Who you would like to meet? (dead or alive)

Ben Franklin, what a character, what a mind.

Favorite bug

Green Lacewings, amazing little fellas. They have a loud noise and then you can’t even find them.

Mac vs PC

Mac, although I did start out on an IBM, beta graphic software. That was a tough two years.