Emily Snyder

First concert

My first concert was a band that I loved at the time (age 14), Hawthorne Heights. On the night of the concert, there happened to be a huge snowstorm, and my dad, a fearless snow driver, got my friends and me there safely. We were some of the only ones that made it to the venue and had the treat of a nearly a private performance with the other 20 or so people in the room. We got to meet the band and get all of our freshly purchased swag autographed.

Best dream

I am hiking through the woods, and the lighting is similar to early morning. The forest is rich and green and I am happy to be alone with my thoughts. I round the bend of the trail, I walk up on a trickling creek. As I soak in the beauty of the place, I sit down and begin to absentmindedly run my hands through the soft dirt of the river bed. Suddenly, I feel something hard and smooth between my fingers. I look down and notice that instead of normal stones in the river bed, I am surrounded by brightly colored and perfectly terminated gemstones of many varieties. I excitedly begin to examine and collect my favorite specimens… In my waking life, I have gone mining a number of times, and that feeling of finding a good pocket of stones really can’t be beaten!

First job

Other than babysitting, my first job was working for myself. My mom worked in the interior decorating industry, so we always had a large selection of gorgeous and high-end fabric scraps that were too small to return or do much with.  I developed a pattern to use the scraps make reversible tote bags. I made the bags and sold them in local boutiques and at the farmer’s market in town, using the business name “Once is Not Enough.” The goal was to encourage the use of reusable and recycled bags at the farmers market and in other venues, for example, the library, beach, or while traveling.

Favorite Hike

Currently: Island Lake in the San Juans.

Comfort food

Tikka Masala

Do you journal?

On and off, but I always find it extremely helpful when I do.

The best thing you learned last year

The importance of creating personal boundaries, goals, and talking about the things that I want.

Decompression strategies

Hiking, yoga, knitting, Two Dots, and The Office. Throwing pots.

Compression strategies

Taking on way too many projects at once. And then taking on one more.

Motivates you

Deadlines, good music in my headphones, and a full mug of coffee.

Favorite beverage

Chaga tea or coffee with a touch of maple syrup (the real stuff). Even better: Chaffee.

Do you have a bucket list?

Yes. A sampling of the current to do’s:
• Hike to Everest Base Camp
• Live in a foreign country
• Speak at least 2 languages fluently

Mac vs PC

Mac always. And while we’re at it, NEVER Comic Sans.