Aislinn Walton

Aislinn Walton
First concert

Coldplay at 15… I cried!

Best dream

I had a dream it was the apocalypse. A giant meteor was heading to Earth and we all had a certain amount of time to prepare. I remember my family digging a shelter underground, and when the time came, we huddled in our underground shelter awaiting the end of the world. I was grasping onto my brothers holding them dearly and BOOM… Meteor hits Earth and it was a chaotic few moments of absolute terror while the Earth shook. But I realized we were still alive and all of a sudden it all fell silent and still. I crept up the ladder to the surface and as I expected to see complete decimation, instead, I realized that when the meteor hit- it exploded into trillions and trillions of neon colored balloons covering every surface and floating all up in the sky. Hooray!

First job

Licking envelopes at my dad’s office for $8 an hour. Can still taste it. Gross!

Favorite hike

Volcano Acatenango in Guatemala

Comfort food

Soup, Indian food, gluten-free pizza, and chocolate mousse.

Favorite movie


Do you journal?

Journaling has saved my sanity many times.

Best thing you learned in 2016

The only constant is change and time heals everything

Decompression strategies

Yoga, yoga, yoga, long hot shower, mindless TV show.

Compression strategies

Werkwerkwerkwerkwerk, catering to others 24/7.

Motivates you

Women empowering other women and small acts of kindness every day

Favorite beverage

Passion fruit margarita. And jasmine boba tea.

Who you would like to meet? (dead or alive)

My entire matriarchal lineage as far back as possible. #allthedeadgrandmas

Do you have a bucket list?

Yes! Infinite things are left on my bucket list. Always adding to it.

Favorite bug

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Mac vs PC