Email Marketing: Yes, You Should.

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using an Email Marketing Campaign…Yesterday.

Mail Chimp is the resource that DesignInk uses to enhance email marketing campaigns

Like DesignInk, MailChimp (our service provider) has been around for a while, and over the years we’ve both grown and perfected the art of email marketing as a way to reach targeted audiences with branded content. If you think that email marketing campaigns are just annoying clutter in a customer’s inbox, think again.


1. Keep Tabs: In MailChimp, you can create organized lists to keep track of customers and their preferences, determine who signs up and receives which emails, monitor subscriber profiles to track individual customer’s engagement, see how many people are opening what you send, make note of when they’re most likely to open, and more!


2. Automation and Personalization: Set up your emails to send right when people are most likely to read them and personalize each one with a name, signature, and personable tone to strategically separate you from the spam.
Email Marketing DesignInk

3. Delightful Design: We work with the fonts, colors,  visuals, and overall style that fit your brand and deliver  your message in a way that coordinates with your website  and is one hundred percent YOU.

Check out some of our Email Campaign Clients (99% of our clients are working the email campaigns.)


The best part?

DesignInk can track and interpret all of  the data that MailChimp collects to help you know and  grow your audience. What are you waiting for? A well-timed, branded, and personalized email can be just the push your customers need.

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