Boulder-based DesignInk Launches Mindset For Success

Join Susanne Menge for 8 weeks of personal training and empowerment delivered to your workspace Monday through Friday. Receive a mental, physical and emotional reboot 10 minutes a day. A workbook is included with the training program for interaction, reflections and journaling and participants receive 3 LIVE sessions with the Founder of Mindset For Success, Susanne Menge, who is a certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and former professional athlete.

Need to increase your productivity?

Is this you? The work keeps piling up and you just can’t find a way to get it all done in a day, co-workers and clients are all over you asking for updates and completed work. You know you can get it done, but just can’t seem to find the time.

The stress is mounting. You know if you took the time to meditate or exercise – things would go better at work…but who has the time…and then there is all of the work piling up on your desk.

Get Mindset For Success Today and say YES to increased productivity!

I want to improve my output!

Who has time to go up on the mountain top and meditate?

What if you could have a personal trainer visit you at your desk, office or wherever you are to bring calm into your day? What if that personal trainer could offer you an opportunity to find calm, a chance to decompress and increase your focus to be more productive? Personal training, meditation and decompression strategies … these practices can help you regain focus, regain mental strength and improve your productivity … anywhere, anytime.

You, your employees and your community groups can benefit from this simple, accessible tool filled with practical strategies for building resilience, bringing calm into the workplace and increasing focus for improved productivity and mental agility.

We sweat so you can shine

DesignInk Boulder, a full-service integrated digital strategy agency produced this 8 week program to support the health and well-being of you and your company. We sweat so you can shine. For more information about the distribution of this program and additional benefits contact the DesignInk Team.


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