Bolder Image and Laser

Web site and email capture. Ashley Mattos is a make-it happen entrepreneur. She came to DesignInk with a definite time frame and some idea of the ingredients she was looking for on her site. Bolder Image and Laser displays product lines, specials, online booking and email capture. Her scripty, clean logo is indicative of the […]

Remodel Force

[slider id=”remodelforce”] David Lupberger’s Remodel Force is a force to consider. He has developed a system to support the rebuilding of our contracting businesses. He offers webinars, follows up with emails (start with email campaigns as well) that have visuals and videos attached. He is tireless, consistent and supportive of his people. RemodelForce’s website was […]

Body Language

  Body Language is a member-based site with a series of time released training videos. DesignInk has set up monthly and yearly purchase plans along with Mail Chimp email templates and campaign setup. Supporting 8 years of his research and development, Jordan Gaffey now has a place for athletes, trainers and movement specialist internationally to […]

Acupuncture Clinic of Boulder

Erin Pass had amazing vision of all the different parts she wanted on her site. She started with a ‘ website-in-a-day-type’ of company, but that wasn’t enough. Her almost updated site existed but needed pulling together to incorporate her ideas. We teamed up to create a site that offers many different aspects: general information, online […]


Martha McGoldrick is one of our health coach-nutritionist. We’ve been specializing in this arena since 2012. We provide extensive email campaign and auto responder support, she is one of our clients who has and extensive ‘back-end’ to her site. Clients can sign up on on for the specific program they choose, pay for their program, […]