Elite Feet

  Elite Feet USA.com   Other Web sites and Email Marketing:   While having known Ingrid for years and making orthotics for her whole family, I had no idea what a creative friend I had in my midst. I have been making orthotics for 24 years and had a web site, of my own design, […]

Melody Fairchild

Melody Fairchild is well-known for her running expertise. When she was embarking on expanding her career we customized a site for her. She has the capabilities for people to register, fill out all forms needed for camps online and personal sessions. Melody has even taken on blogging. Her logo can be seen on her clothing […]

Boulder Fitness Technology

Another unique offering in Boulder, CO. Mike Harding has a customized approach and wanted to be able to share his innovations online.   Boulder Fitness Technology.com   See more web sites:

Eney Jones

Eney Jones’ web site is full of great images of a great champion and open-water swim leader. Eney’s site allows her sell her Eney Buoys, Mer- swim suits, swim adventures. She is an avid ‘facebooker’ and blogs highlights as well. Eney also provides swimming videos with techniques special to her effective swim-style. Eney Jones.com An […]