Linda Fenelon

Website, Email campaigns, online autoresponder nutrition programs and logo too. Has the Universe sent you clues and winks about your path? Have you ever had a little voice inside your head that would just not shut up? Have you ever suspected that your soul was working from a a GPS, constantly course correcting to bring you back […]

Darcy Kiefel Photography

Darcy Kiefel is an internationally renowned photographer who specializes in shooting weddings, family & lifestyles, graduations, elite sporting events like the Tour de France, and capturing moments of joy in her humanitarian work. When Darcy says she does “World Photography” – she means it! DesignInk created Darcy Kiefel’s new website (Kiefel Photography)to showcases her amazing […]

Byron Thomas Massage

Byron Thomas is gifted  massage therapist. (We could say Byron is a real ‘hands-on’ guy … oh that’s so bad.)  Byron came to us with a conundrum: He had two websites that weren’t connected — one for his business in Boulder and the other for his business in Longmont, Colorado. Byron enlisted DesignInk because people […]

Momentum Labs

Momentum Labs created by Jamie Temple offers High-Tech solutions with fun and color. Jamie came to DesignInk with a new iSavr Screen Protector for your mobile phone. We supported Jamie with Kickstarter and indiegogo campaign setup. DesignInk developed three websites in 45 days – yes we cranked out content, created product images, crowd sourcing campaigns, […]

The Sun and the Moon Music

Rockers Dallas Thornton, James Beer and drummer Forrest Raup make up the up-and-coming Indie band The Sun and The Moon. DesignInk created The Sun and The Moon’s first online presence with  links to Bandcamp, Events, CD/album releases, email capture, contact for ‘gigs’ — and incorporated all of these elements into their eye-catching site. Check them […]