DesignInk Boulder-Based Integrated Digital Strategy Agency

Are you a marketing director who values marketing and needs a team? DesignInk is a Boulder based full-service, integrated digital strategy agency accelerating your business growth with innovative, cutting edge solutions. The diverse DesignInk Team customizes digital strategies integrating Web Design, SEO, Email Marketing, Advertising and Social Media management to drive high value customers to […]

Build Your Online Visibility Strategy

Nine Dimensions of a Comprehensive Online Visibility Strategy With billions of websites and a global marketplace that expands every day have you wondered what strategies your company should employ to build your online visibility? Your company has invested in your website – your global marketplace is open for business. Now you need to drive traffic […]

Do it with Style: User Experience Design

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs   We’ve been talking about analytics and data a lot lately. Let’s give it a rest. As much as we love to see our customer’s web optimization in the facts and figures, our first true love […]

Google Analytics and User Experience, Explained

Now that you have a better sense of what Google Analytics is all about, let’s zero in on how you can harness the power of Google Analytics (GA) to improve User Experience (UX). In a recent post, we introduced GA as an important marketing tool for your business. Now all of a sudden we’re talking […]

Linda Fenelon

Website, Email campaigns, online autoresponder nutrition programs and logo too. Has the Universe sent you clues and winks about your path? Have you ever had a little voice inside your head that would just not shut up? Have you ever suspected that your soul was working from a a GPS, constantly course correcting to bring you back […]