Email Marketing

DesignInk Boulder-Based Integrated Digital Strategy Agency

Are you a marketing director who values marketing and needs a team? DesignInk is a Boulder based full-service, integrated digital strategy agency accelerating your business growth with innovative, cutting edge solutions. The diverse DesignInk Team customizes digital strategies integrating Web Design, SEO, Email Marketing, Advertising and Social Media management to drive high value customers to […]

What Is An API?

What Is An API? What does an Application Program Interface (API) Mean? The term “API” can be kind of a confusing to a lot of people, and if you look at the expanded acronym, “Application Program Interface”, the terminology is even less meaningful to those people who do not understand its exact purpose. Still, it […]

Build Your Online Visibility Strategy

Nine Dimensions of a Comprehensive Online Visibility Strategy With billions of websites and a global marketplace that expands every day have you wondered what strategies your company should employ to build your online visibility? Your company has invested in your website – your global marketplace is open for business. Now you need to drive traffic […]

Web Presence Optimization

Custom Solutions: Web Presence Optimization Getting noticed is no easy task these days. Beautiful branding and creative content only go so far without the right exposure. Our goal is to improve your business’s visibility, accessibility, and online presence. To put it simply, we want people to see your business at the top of their search results. […]

Email Marketing: Yes, You Should.

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using an Email Marketing Campaign…Yesterday. Like DesignInk, MailChimp (our service provider) has been around for a while, and over the years we’ve both grown and perfected the art of email marketing as a way to reach targeted audiences with branded content. If you think that email marketing campaigns are just annoying […]