Build Your Online Visibility Strategy

Nine Dimensions of a Comprehensive Online Visibility Strategy

With billions of websites and a global marketplace that expands every day have you wondered what strategies your company should employ to build your online visibility?

Build your online visibility strategy with nine comprehensive dimensionsYour company has invested in your website – your global marketplace is open for business. Now you need to drive traffic to your site so that customers who need your services can find you. However, getting customers into your global marketplace is not enough to be successful, your online storefront needs to convert that traffic into e-commerce revenue. Your business needs a comprehensive  online marketing strategy that utilizes a combination of the nine dimensions of SEO to increase your online visibility.

HUH? WHAT was all of that? How do I get there? Here’s how to build your online visibility strategy …

Nine Dimensions:

Each of these dimensions have specific and unique attributes which make them valuable online marketing tools. Some of these channels will be more relevant to your business than others. Businesses utilizing a comprehensive approach work with an array of strategies within these nine channels and develop campaigns that work together to leverage momentum and yield maximum conversion rates.

  1. Paid Search – known as Pay Per Click (PPC); paid search helps put your products in front of customers who need your services in a targeted and focused manner.
  2. Organic Search: web-based search results that come from a specific search or query entered by a potential customer (not paid).
  3. Social Media – Social media campaigns can result in immediate one-time traffic, and when combined with an intentional WPO campaign can contribute and convert your traffic into e-commerce transactions.  
  4. Direct – Brand loyalty and awareness drive direct traffic by the user directly entering your website address into their search parameter.
  5. Display Ads: A specific type of PPC advertising that involves a picture of your product, typically displayed in a banner, or other media rich ads that are more than simply text-based ads.
  6. Affiliate Referral: Referrals come from working with bloggers or others who write about your product or services and offer links, or ads that link directly to your site.
  7. E-mail: Marketing your products and services through e-mail can be an effective tool to drive traffic into revenue, especially when launched with a comprehensive online marketing campaign.
  8. Miscellaneous Organic Referral: Traffic will come to your global marketplace from a variety of random and unexpected places. Are you ready to capture that traffic and convert it into revenue?
  9. On-site SEO: The more optimized your ecommerce site is and ready to capture traffic the greater the opportunities for revenue conversion.

DesignInk WPO, site creation, braniding, email and supportBuild Your Online Visibility Strategy

Maximize your global storefront, increase your online visibility and create a comprehensive branding strategy and convert traffic to your site into e-commerce driven customers. Contact DesignInk to start building your online visibility today.

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