Sending Mail Via Nodemailer Using Your Gmail With OAuth2

Sending email out from your application is pretty much a requirement. Because you want consistency in such an important aspect of your functionality, you will want to choose a reliable mail service, so I chose to use Gmail as SMTP. It turns out, the simple way is to turn on a feature called “less secure […]

What’s The Difference between Web Hosting and a Domain?

A lot, and  they are intricately related. You probably hear these terms all the time but if you haven’t had a need to truly understand them then your question is understandable. I find myself explaining this often and have finally come up with a what I believe is a good example for what is a […]

CSS Organizational Chart Lines Tutorial

Okay, so the other day, Zoë asked me if it was possible to use CSS to make those organizational chart lines in that picture up there, and I said, “Why not?” I typed out a solution, wrote a quick walk-through about my thought process, and I figured I would share it with the rest of […]

What Is An API?

What Is An API? What does an Application Program Interface (API) Mean? The term “API” can be kind of a confusing to a lot of people, and if you look at the expanded acronym, “Application Program Interface”, the terminology is even less meaningful to those people who do not understand its exact purpose. Still, it […]