DesignInk Launches Mindset For Success

Boulder-based DesignInk Launches Mindset For Success Join Susanne Menge for 8 weeks of personal training and empowerment delivered to your workspace Monday through Friday. Receive a mental, physical and emotional reboot 10 minutes a day. A workbook is included with the training program for interaction, reflections and journaling and participants receive 3 LIVE sessions with […]

Optimize On-Site SEO

Thinking about launching your new website and wondering how to get found by your future clients? What is required to optimize site SEO? Search engines are the key to being visible and there are specific guidelines you need to follow if you want your page to rank when people search for your product, service or […]

Need a New Website?

Let the DesignInk Team be your self-promoter, build your new website and get you connected! Getting ready to launch a new product? Idea? Or just want to get found locally, nationally… globally? Developing your own website can be difficult, especially when all of your creative energy is focused on the launch. Similar to writing your […]