How do you add a featured image in WordPress?

You know you’ve done it before or someone showed you how but you just can’t remember how to add a featured image in WordPress on your website. ARGHGHGHGHGHG Why is this happening to you, again?! No worries, just a few quick steps and we will have you and your featured images up and running. First, […]

DesignInk Boulder-Based Integrated Digital Strategy Agency

Are you a marketing director who values marketing and needs a team? DesignInk is a Boulder based full-service, integrated digital strategy agency accelerating your business growth with innovative, cutting edge solutions. The diverse DesignInk Team customizes digital strategies integrating Web Design, SEO, Email Marketing, Advertising and Social Media management to drive high value customers to […]

Shopify and MailChimp Abandoned Cart

Shopify and MailChimp Abandoned Cart Emails How Do The Two Work Together? If you have a Shopify e-commerce site and want to send e-mails through MailChimp to people who have abandoned carts, there are two options available: a built-in single email responder through Shopify or an integrated Shopify App by MailChimp which offers a few more […]

Add a Phone Number to Your Facebook Account

Can’t figure out how to login to your Facebook Account? Lost your password but not sure what email is associated with your Facebook Account?   FRUSTRATED? Then add a Phone Number to Your Facebook Account!   When you add a phone number to your Facebook Account you will have the option to get a code […]