How do you add a featured image in WordPress?

You know you’ve done it before or someone showed you how but you just can’t remember how to add a featured image in WordPress on your website.

ARGHGHGHGHGHG Why is this happening to you, again?!

No worries, just a few quick steps and we will have you and your featured images up and running.

First, make sure that your image is:

  • Properly sized?

  • Correctly named? (BEFORE you bring it onto your site)

  • Web ready? (below 750 px, not stretched or contorted)

  • Do you know the keyword to use in your ALT tag?

set featured imageSecond, Log in to your website, open your post or create a new one and scroll down past the editing content box. Typically you will have two columns. Look to the bottom of the right column, SEE IT? Click on Set Featured Image and upload your image.


Adjust your settings for how you want your Featured Image to show on your single post. You may have a default set in your Theme Options. If that works for you, awesome, however if you want to make adjustments here are some examples to understand how these can look.

How to Featured Image Settings in WordPress

NOTE: This is an example of the theme WP Jumpstart by Jason Bobich. We like how customizable Jumpstart is and versatile for developing as well as the ability to teach our clients how to make their own updates and blog with ease.


Standard, with content look:

This Standard look will show the image below the post title and above post content. (Sidebar will be to the right of your image.)

Featured Image Full Width Above Content


Full width, above content look:

You will get your full image showing across the entire page with the Title on top of image. (This would be above any sidebar.)

Featured Image Full Width Above Content

Full screen parallax, above content look:

Depending on the size of your image this can be just a little too zoomed in. Title is on top of image not in the body of the post. (Image is above any sidebar content.)

Featured Image, Full Screen Parallax

Also a big thanks to Kerry Borcherding for sharing her amazing post about My Essentials for a Successful Facebook Live.

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